Pivot to Your Next Academy (Mindset & Business Coaching)

Pivot to Your Next Academy (Mindset & Business Coaching)

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My desire is to meet YOU right where you are. I want to help you GAIN Laser Focus in this world FULL of distractions. 

Have you started working on your 2024 goals? What about your vision board? 

Could you use some help? A Business Coach? Mindset Coach?

Has something on my page inspired you to be here today? Was it a message? a testimony? a picture? a caption? an experience? 1-on-1, have we worked together in the past, met in High School, or maybe you found me on social media? 

Whatever it is, you’re here. Reading what I have to offer you.

If you’ve made it this far down you KNOW this time is the right time. That little voice in your head is saying dang I finally found someone who resonates with me, someone who I believe can coach me straight into the desires of my heart AND it’s ONLY $135.12 to get started. 

Come learn how to take the limits off God. OFF YOU. Let me show you how I use fear as my strategy to WIN. 

🗣 Let me help you create your OWN table of WINNERS. 

I will meet you right where you are because "People Who Want To See YOU win HELP YOU WIN.” 

My Menu 🍽️

Water & Bread 🍞 

• Strategies on how to seek and listen to God for direction for your NEXT. Your MORE.
•12 weeks of gaining LASER FOCUSED in a world full of distractions

Appetizers 🍤🧆

•Tips on to create a schedule that DELIVERS RESULTS while not sacrificing time with family (Success is found in your daily routine)

Main Dish  🥩🥦🥖🍷

•Branding & Social Marketing on a budget

• Strategies to increase your leads and attract your ideal client

•Tips on how to network with a purpose

•Group Coaching/Accountability Partners to help hold you accountable to achieving the DESIRES of YOUR heart

Dessert 🍨 🧁🍰🎂

•Bi-weekly one/one coaching calls with me personally for 12 weeks.

Let’s write your vision and make it PLAIN! 

I‘ve been told ONLY tell Tajuania your goals if you want them to become a reality! Or that I can motivate a ROCK 🪨 😉

My Passion for LIVING an ABUNDANT life is contagious. 

Once enrolled you will have exclusive access to my winning circle full of so many gifts, talents, experiences, tools, resources, and connections. 

🗣It’s a small investment for a BIG return. I’m confident.

I plan to have you walking away with a limitless mindset and the confidence to turn your passion/gifts into generational wealth.